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Calibration and Maintenance of Scientific Instruments.

Calibration: A comparison of two instruments or measuring devices one of which is a standard of known accuracy (traceable to national standards) to detect, correlate, report or eliminate by adjustment, any discrepancy in accuracy of the instrument measuring device being compared to the standard.

Calibration Programs Required by all Regulatory Authorities

  • “Automatic, mechanical, or electronic equipment or other types of equipment, including computers, or related systems that will perform a function satisfactorily, may be used in the industries like power plant, oil & gas, cement, manufacture, processing, packing etc. If such equipment is so used, it shall be routinely calibrated, inspected, or checked according to a written program designed to assure proper performance.
  • Maintenance at appropriate intervals to prevent malfunction & shall be “preventative” not “reactive” maintenance.

Calibration requirements for Laboratory Instruments

  • Specific Directions
  • Schedules
  • Limits of accuracy & precision
  • Remedial Actions
  • Systems to prevent usage of instruments failing calibration

“Control, weighing, measuring, monitoring and test equipment that is critical for assuring the quality of intermediates or APIs should be calibrated according to written procedures and an established schedule.

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